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PSP game night this Saturday featuring Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Gods Eater Burst, and Dissidia Duodecim from 8 PM til whenever. 

All you need to play: 

  • PS3 with wired connection with adhoc Party installed
  • PSP or PS Vita with any of the games listed. You can play others if you want. 

Title Card: 

Setting up adhoc party for PS3 to play PSP games online!

Luigi’s Death Stare

Luigi’s Death Stare

Carrying the team. Because the other guy was either not that good (when I was ST) or the guy literally didn’t do anything (when I was Radec).

Remote Play was really underutilized on the PSP, you could really only play PS1 games with it. 

What it can do:

Play PS1 games (discs and PSOne Classics)

Listen to music CDs

View/Listen to - music, pics, videos on the HDD

View/Listen to - music, pics, videos via a media server

With the PS4 just out and the Vita already out, we should see a great deal more out of the idea. It can play PS4 games in the same way that the PSP could play PS1 games, which goes to show how radically different the hardware is all around. 

Nice shot…friendzoned hard though.

Children’s card games

Children’s card games


Gootecks is about the explain things.

It explains a lot, but still hard to hear.

At the end of the day, I’m still subscribed.

I think I’m done here.

I think I’m done here.

Characters unlocked so far.

Characters unlocked so far.

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